We have all these services, always seeking excellence in all our specialties

Specialized units

We unify several of our specialties to offer you the best service at the best price.

Management and assistance to work-related accidents

The main Mutual Insurance Companies for Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases of Social Security

Management and assistance to traffic injuries

Own facilities with the latest technological innovations and an exceptional multidisciplinary team

Child Development and Early Care Unit

Multidisciplinary team made up of 8 therapists, in addition to the best facilities

Dermatology and Aesthetics Unit

Health care of the skin, nails, hair, sebaceous and sweat glands and mucosa

associated centres

Thanks to our collaboration agreements, we have all the specialities:


Vithas attends more than 4,500,000 patients each year in its 19 hospitals and 27 specialized centers called Vithas Salud.


Dina Levante is a radiological clinic that offers conventional radiology, dental radiology, cephalometry, mammograms, ultrasounds and doppler ultrasounds.

One of Europe's leading and most advanced laboratories. More than 750 professionals in 46 centres.

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