“None of us are as smart as all of us.”

Ken Blanchard


Great medical professionals at your service

I love what I do, I enjoy my work, that is what leads me day after day to seek excellence in what we do, I founded A3 Policlínica because I believe that I am able to provide excellent quality service and contribute to improving people’s health.

An excellent pediatrician with extensive experience in the discipline and with proven results.

Catalina Belmonte Parra

Catalina Belmonte


My vocation to help people has led me to acquire the knowledge and professional experience to intervene quickly and effectively, focusing my work on both children and adults from a more clinical perspective and from the age of 65 my intervention would be focused on cognitive stimulation programmes.

When I had to decide to study I had to be related to the children because they have always been my passion and what better way to be with them than helping them overcome their learning difficulties in order to achieve a better life.

Ana Mazon Morilla

Ana Mazón Morilla

speech therapy

Since I finished my studies in 2011 I started to work on my passion, the intervention in Early Care. I followed my training always related to this field, although I also started to be interested in the more clinical part of speech therapy in which I am still training.

Elisabeth Rodriguez

Elisabeth Rodríguez

speech therapy

I consider myself a responsible person, with a great desire to work and to adapt to good work teams with the aim of contributing ideas and knowledge.

Speech therapy is my passion and I try to improve what I am as a speech therapist and I do it constantly to give my patients a more effective treatment.

Agustín Gallardo


Our main objective is based on “alleviating human discomfort and suffering” and to this end we use the treatments that have proved to be the most effective in solving psychological problems. We are motivated by a great vocation for our profession and a great desire to help others. 

Pablo Andres Davila

Pablo Andrés Dávila


General medicine is the first level of medical care. The general practitioner is a professional trained to diagnose and manage different common pathologies and refer to the appropriate specialist when appropriate. 

María del Mar Martínez


The medical examinations have been called in multiple ways, such as check-ups, revisions, controls, although the most precise denomination should be occupational medical examination or occupational health examination.

Agustín Gómez


Traumatology is the medical specialty in charge of the care, study and rehabilitation of the form and function of the extremities, spine and associated structures. It is a specialty that goes beyond the field of traumatic injuries; it also includes the study of congenital pathologies.

I am an empathetic person who knows how to interact with the patient and listen to him/her, which is essential in our daily work. I am interested in continuing my training and learning in the various fields of my profession.

I am a person who enjoys and loves my work, I have always been clear that I wanted to deal with all kinds of people, children, adults or elderly to facilitate, help and recover from all kinds of physical damage and those seeking pain relief, to continue a day to day and a better future.

Francisco De Haro


I studied physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Murcia and since I was a child this profession has caught my attention. After finishing the race I immediately started a master’s degree focused on sports physiotherapy, which is what aroused my interest in this race.  I currently work at Atres Policlínica in a wide variety of fields, from early childhood care, traffic accidents and athletes.

Jorge Barnés Andreu


It is said that the feet are the great forgotten ones of our body since, on many occasions, they are not given the attention they require and we only remember them with the arrival of the summer season. But we should not play down this part of our body, as proper foot care is essential to significantly improve people’s health.

Since I was very young, my vocation has been directed towards health care, first as a technical health assistant, but later on I fell in love with this profession, still unknown to some, podiatry. My love for helping the patient has led me to continue training myself to obtain the knowledge and training necessary for a better diagnosis and treatment of all known pathologies of the lower limb, focusing especially on the foot.

Paqui Muñoz Carrasco

Paqui Muñoz Carrasco


My passion is nutrition and promoting good eating habits in our population, to which I have been dedicated for several years, with my private consultations and lectures on nutrition education.
I am convinced that a good diet is the key to our health and I try to spread this enthusiasm in my consultations, where the objectives of those who enter are my priority.

Jose Andrés González


Dermatology can be described as the science of skin care and treatment, as well as the analysis and treatment of some of the most common skin diseases. Dermatology has both medicinal and aesthetic purposes with regard to skin care as part of the beauty and care of a person’s image.

Purificación Martínez


Aesthetic medicine is the set of medical acts aimed at improving the well-being of the person in all aspects; one of them is the image but another is health because it is linked. It is not possible to understand aesthetic medicine without the first part, medicine.



The SHR system represents a major breakthrough in permanent hair removal with Phototherapy (light technology). Treatment with SHR is more pleasant than with conventional systems and your skin is better protected.

Sebastián Perales


The Pain Unit will propose a treatment plan to try to recover your physical and emotional well-being as far as possible; your old life, the one you had before the pain appeared: your pain-free life.


Thanks to our collaboration agreements, we have all the specialities at our disposal:


Vithas treats more than 4,500,000 patients every year in its 19 hospitals and 27 specialized centers called Vithas Salud.


Dina Levante is a radiology clinic that offers you conventional radiology, dental radiology, cephalometry, mammography, ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound services.

One of the leading and most advanced laboratories in Europe. More than 750 professionals in 46 centres.

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